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I have been lucky enough to travel quite a fair bit in my lifetime, but this year taking on a trip to Asia was my most exciting adventure yet. The journey from Canada to Phuket, Thailand takes roughly 18 hours. Our journey started with 15 hour flight to Hong Kong and then 3 hours onward to Phuket.

I was scared to take on such a long tedious travel (knowing I sometimes feel uneasy on long plane rides), but when I arrived in Phuket all my fears and doubts of traveling that far away from home went out the window. We checked into the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa and we were immediately met with gracious staff and a HUGE warm welcome. The sun was beaming down on their pools, and of course the ocean!

We started our stay by enjoying lunch at their Italian restaurant. We devoured their pizzas, salads, and soups. The food gave me instant comfort. Since it’s September (also Typhoon season in South East Asia) we were met with a little bit of rain on our first afternoon … but what I quickly learned is that swimming in the rain is maybe the most magical experience EVER. For dinner on our first evening at the resort, we tried out their Japanese restaurant and Teppanyaki table. This was a very interactive experience, and the staff were extremely attentive, and friendly! We tried different traditional dishes, and loads of fresh seafood.

On our second evening, we had the most beautiful weather. The resort is essentially built for a relaxing holiday experience, but with activities that can entertain the whole family. There are even two large swings that overlook the ocean where you can enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. It made for my favourite memory at the hotel. For dinner that evening we hit up the traditional Thai restaurant on the resort. We had wonderful Pad Thai, and tried many local delicacies.

Another special moment we had on the resort was visiting their turtle sanctuary. The hotel nurses and hosts two turtles in there facility. One named Tommy who was born blind (and would not survive on his own in the ocean) and another who was actually Tommy’s brother who insisted on staying on the shore until they brought him in as well. Seeing the hotels love and care for the turtles was so heartwarming. They also allowed us to feed the turtles their breakfast that day.

I also had the absolute pleasure of trying out their spa facility on my final day at the resort. I chose the aromatherapy spa treatment (90 minute massage) and was overwhelmed at how good I felt after the treatment. Traveling (especially to the other side of the world) coupled with jet lag can really take a toll on your body so this was a natural and relaxing way to recenter my energy before taking on the rest of my week.

From our hotel we were also able to set up some incredible excursions. The concierge service at the front desk took care of all our needs! She signed us up for a day trip to visit the Phi Phi Islands, as well as an evening adventure into the exciting and thriving town of Patong.

On our final morning at the hotel we took off to the local market with one of the top chef’s from the hotel. She taught us how to pick out local ingredients in order to cook traditional Thai food. We mingled with locals, and learned all about their favourite ingredients for cooking. After picking out some ingredients we took them back to a beautifully prepared kitchen at the hotel where we proceeded to cook shrimp cakes, thai basil salad, and red curry. As someone who doesn’t spend a ton of time in the kitchen this was such an inspiring and humbling experience learning about their cooking traditions, and their complex (but easy to learn) recipes.

Overall, my experience at the JW Marriott Phuket was unforgettable. If you or someone you know would be interested in a vacay like this make sure to check out their site linked at the top of this page!

You won’t regret it.