In February I took off to Los Angeles for my reading week (aka a week you get off from university to “read” – but no one actually does that) so my mom and I headed out west for an adventure!

I lived in Los Angeles a summer ago, and find myself out there pretty often for work and for fun so I know the city quite well. Over the years I have honed in on my favourite places. So on this trip I got to show my mom around to all of my usual shops and restaurants, and also got to check out some new places!! (See below)

1. The Beverly Hills Hotel 

This hotel is so gorgeous and I would LOVE to stay here on my next trip to LA, but this time around Madison and I decided we would just hit the pool lounge/cafĂ© for lunch because I kept seeing super cute pics of it on social media. However, it ended up being a total fail. It was raining so they closed the restaurant for the day. (Note to self: People in LA consider a DROP of rain to be a synonym for “raining”). We were so sad. The only positive thing that came out of the experience was this picture. However, I would totally recommend checking it out if you’ve never been. Great for photos, but not so great for rainy days in LA.

 2. Alfred Tea Room 

This tea room is the cutest, cutest, cutest, little hot spot in Los Angeles. This was the first time I had been back to LA since it opened so I knew I had to check it out. I tried the matcha tea with boba and it was literally EVERYTHING. I need them to bring this to Toronto because I will truly drink it everyday. Side note: It is also a HUGE hot spot for Instagram photos because of the cute pink theme + aesthetic! Check out my pic at the tea room entrance here – Torri @ The Tea Room

3. Carrera Cafe

This cafe is chic and in my favourite location of LA which is Melrose Ave. I love shopping along the Melrose strip at DASH, The Reformation, and Nasty Gal (which I think they just closed, cry). Breakfast was yummy, and they do awesome latte art, BUT what really makes this hot spot rock is the mural wall outside of the cafe’s entrance.

Check out my picture against the famous ‘Wall of Kisses’ – #TravelWithTor

*My phone case is from Urban Planet, and my purse is Alexander Wang*

I can’t wait to get back to LA before Coachella!!!