Toronto, the beautiful and exciting city that I call home. I am obsessed with Toronto. I think it is such a vibrant and diverse city. I grew up here, so it has always felt like home, but I moved downtown to the heart of it all when I started going to Ryerson University.

I grew up further north than the downtown core, but since moving to the west end I have never looked back. There is never a dull moment in the city, which definitely aligns well with my personality. It’s also been an amazing place to make connections and collaborate with other creatives. Media, and popular culture figures like Drake have really put Toronto on the map. Talent is being sought out here more than ever which makes it a perfect city for a young creative type like myself to thrive.

I am inspired by strong, driven and passionate individuals who approach their careers from an extremely interdisciplinary perspective. I am a firm believer in the notion that we don’t have to be defined by one specific job title, or one project and Toronto gives me a vast amount of opportunities.

One of my favourite things to watch on television is a local talk show called The Social, where four amazing women discuss daily trends and popular culture. Melissa Grelo one of the four hosts is one of my idols. She is extremely well spoken, and bright, and I am always impressed by her zest for life, and passion for her job. I am a huge advocate for the Canadian creative industries, and love seeing strong woman in fantastic positions who love their jobs!

Toronto inspires me everyday.