If you’ve read through some of my other posts, or have seen my Instagram feed you know one of my passions is fitness. Now – this is not to say I am a hardcore fitness buff and I definitely don’t hit the gym every single day, but I like to stay fit in the simple ways…

  • Doing lots of walking
  • Drinking copious amounts of water (to counteract my caffeine intake)
  • Practicing yoga
  • And sometimes just wearing workout clothes as I run errands so that I feel better about myself… lol.

But with all of these practices in mind I sometimes like to take my workouts to the next level, and what better way to do that then by hitting up some classes around the city! In recent times I’ve really enjoyed setting up workout dates with my gal pals. Not only does this get me out of the house (because someone is holding me accountable) – but it also keeps the workouts feeling fun!

If you’re a Toronto local like myself then here’s a list to follow to check out all of my favourite places to workout in the city! 


If you are into high energy workouts in a dark room with super loud music then SoulCycle is the place for you! I have only worked out at SoulCycle for different private events that have been hosted by brands so I can’t say I have had the most authentic class experience but I have always had such a blast! You get to pick a song to add to the soundtrack of your cycling class, and for the most part singing along to every track is encouraged! The vibes in the studio are awesome, the facility is clean, the spin bikes are extremely new and really easy to ride. Whether you’re like me and have only done a countable amount of spinning classes in your life, or whether you’re a pro the classes are trageted to everyone at any level.

Yoga Tree 

If you’re paying for a gym or yoga membership you know how important it is that the studio offers an abundance of different classes to keep you engaged, and wanting more! I have been practicing yoga since high school (on and off) so I am always looking for a challenge. I’ve always really enjoyed Yoga Tree because every teacher offers a different experience. You can actually feel your body changing because you are forcing it to move in different ways every time you practice. As much as yoga is good for your body it is also really just a great way to destress (especially during the school year when I am staring at a computer all day). The studio space is bright and clean and the teachers are always very lovely. They also always have fresh tea brewing for after your class which is just a nice touch!

Orange Theory Fitness

If you want to SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT this is the class for you! The Orange Theory Fitness classes are extremely high impact interval training where you combine extreme cardio, and weight training. I don’t really have the motivation to do these classes all the time (there also isn’t a location super close to me) but I think these classes are amazing for when you’re really looking to let off some steam! If you have a bad day, or get into a fight with a friend or significant other this is the class that will pick up those energy levels and get you back in the game!

If you have any other favourite classes (like PING PONG) 😉 that you think I would love to try in the city please leave a comment below!

Photo Cred: Ryan Emberley