Growing up, I spent most evenings after school at the dance studio. I was extremely dedicated to my training from a very young age and would dance from 5-9p.m. five or six times a week! Dancing was my first introduction into the performing world (at age two), and I never looked back. I grew up a competitive dancer and mainly focused on ballet, jazz, and tap. I took all of my dance exams up until high school. My first job was at age 12 when I got to be a teacher’s assistant at my dance studio. This felt like an incredible accomplishment at the time!

(Clearly you can see that I was committed to working hard from a young age)

All this to say, most of fitness growing up came from dancing for hours and hours every week, but when I booked my first TV series and went into my first year of high school I really had to consider where I was going to prioritize my time. Even though I wanted to do everything it would have been impossible to do it all…

I chose to quit my competitive dance group and dedicate my time to TV and my high school musical theatre team at the time. This was one of the toughest times in my life because I had to give up a major creative component in my life. Dance was my first passion and it is what made me such a dedicated and tough skinned gal.

In recent times I look back on my dance years fondly with amazing memories that I made with wonderful strong women who made my teenage years full of excitement, hard work, and joy! I do sometimes regret giving up on my dance career, because it was such a huge part of who I was, but I am also sometimes reminded that those skills and technique never truly leave your mind or body.

A month ago I went to a workout event hosted by Almay where they were discussing their new product launches. A wonderful coach and teacher named Eva Redpath was teaching the class. Her technique comes from years of dance training as well, so her class was a mixture of pilates and body conditioning. I worked out in the front row and loved the ballet inspired movements and postures. Eva came up to me after the workout and said, “I love your energy, I was feeding off your positive energy. Did you grow up dancing?” I said, “Yes” and smiled. Apparently muscle memory is REAL!

It’s nice to know that my passion for dance still shows.

I really always did have a love affair with the beautiful form of art.

This photo captured that wonderful moment. I guess the lesson here is to not give up on your passions, and even if you do you can always find your way back.