My Favourite Workout Spots | Toronto Edition

If you’ve read through some of my other posts, or have seen my Instagram feed you know one of my passions is fitness. Now – this is not to say I am a hardcore fitness buff and I definitely don’t hit the gym every single day, but I like to stay fit in the simple ways…

My First Passion | Dance

Growing up, I spent most evenings after school at the dance studio. I was extremely dedicated to my training from a very young age and would dance from 5-9p.m. five or six times a week! Dancing was my first introduction into the performing world (at age two), and I never looked back. I grew up a competitive dancer and mainly focused on ballet, jazz, and tap. I took all of my dance exams up until high school. My first job was at age 12 when I got to be a teacher’s assistant at my dance studio. This felt like an incredible accomplishment at the time!