This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of hosting the 35th Year Anniversary Event for GUESS at the Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto. Days like these remind me how lucky I am to be working in an industry that I love. I am also lucky to be collaborating with iconic and timeless brands like GUESS.

I have been wearing the brand forever and have vivid memories of being in the giant New York City flagship store with my aunt and mom as a young tween and being so jealous that they got to pick out so many sexy pieces. I have a very old soul and from the time I was twelve I felt trapped inside the body of a well established 45 year old woman. (Hence the rage and jealously I felt towards them). But now in 2017 my time has finally come and it’s my turn to pick out sexy pieces from GUESS!!

One of my many fashion and style icons is Gigi Hadid, so it feels like such a treat to work with GUESS because she has had a lifelong relationship  with the brand. When I got the chance to pull some outfits on the day I chose the look below because it was inspired by what I think Gigi would wear. Hopefully this look does her overall ‘chicness’ justice. She does street style better than anyone.

I got to meet so many wonderful fans who came out to take photos and play around in the photo booth with me, but an extra added treat was the cake that the brand had made for the celebration.

I mean … TAKE THIS IN!

A five tier cake made in the GUESS colours featuring the iconic logo, stencils of models, and a big G belt wrapped around the outside. I don’t think cakes can get better than that. For real.

This cake was made by DessertLady_TO and I immediately contacted her to make my best friends cake for her 25th Birthday party! I would highly recommend her if you’re looking to treat someone special to a creative cake.

All in all, quite a special day. Thank you, GUESS!